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Rural Horticultural Work Experience

The Rural Horticultural Work Experience (RHWE) is a compulsory course offered in Vital Semester to B. Sc. (Hons.) Horticulture students primarily to understand the rural situations, status of Agricultural technologies adopted by farmers, prioritize the farmer’s problems and to develop skills & attitude of working with farm families for all round development in rural area.

1. To provide an opportunity to the students to understand the rural setting in relation to agriculture and allied activities.

2. To get the students familiar with socio-economic conditions of the farmers and their problems with reference to agricultural development.

3. To impart diagnostic and remedial knowledge to the students relevant to real field situations through practical training.

4. To develop communication skills in students using extension teaching .methods in transfer of technology.

5. To develop confidence and competence to solve agricultural problems.

6 To help students to acquaint with on-going extension and rural development programmes.

Year of start of RAWEP 1996; Duration - 110 working days. In SKCHS, 2016 batch students were the first batch to be sent for RHWEP programme which started from 6th August 2019 and ended on 15th November 2019. It started with half of the girl students and half of the boy students out of total class divided into three groups are attached to HRS Rekulakunta Anantapur, and HRS Mahanandi were sent to NEELAMPALLI and KORRAPADU villages of Anantapur District and Gopavaram village of Nandyal District respectively. They conducted RHWE programme as guided with the help of selected host farmers and HRS Scientists. This programme consists of various Production activities - study of crops by visiting field directly and actively involving in all the cultural operations along with the farmers; Protection Activities – Directly observing various diseases and pests attacking different crops in the village and their practical management followed by farmers compared with what is recommended; Economic Activities – Includes conducting Village Economic Survey, Family Budget of different types of farmers, Socio – economic situation of the village ; Extension Activities – Method & Result Demonstrations, Group Discussion, Rythu exhibition to help farmers aware of the new technology, varieties, skills developed recently which can make them profitable. Second batch of girl students were sent to Hampapuram and Gandlaparthy villages of Anantapur District and Gajulapalle village of Kurnool district for remaining boys batch which started on 21st December 2019 and ended on 16th march 2020.


Exhibition was organized by students of horticulture colleges under Dr. YSRH university viz., Srikrishnadevaraya College of horticulture Anantapur, Venktaramannagudem, Anantharajupeta, Markapuram, Chinnalatarapi and Tadipatri colleges on 18-12-2020 as a part of the RHWE Programme in Devadulakonda village of Kalyandurgam mandal, Anantapur district. Students have prepared different innovative and famer friendly technology models and exhibits which helped to farmers. Chief guests attended for this programme were associate dean of Srikrishna devaraya college of horticulture Dr. N. Narayana Reddy, Somla Naik (Assistant professior, Dept of Plant physiology) and Horticulture officer Sri Dhanunjaya. The associate dean Dr. N. Narayana reddy delivered message on low cost, new and profitable techniques for horticulture farmers.

RHWEP 2020 batch have completed their programme at their own home town due to COVID 19 PANDEMIC

Amidst COVID -19 PANDEMIC (2020-21) , 2017 batch students were informed to conduct RHWE Programme at their own Village/Mandal/District. To assist the students of any village/mandal/District Dr.YSR Horticulture University officials have attached HRS/KVK at the district level for proper guidance. All the Scientist and Student interactions were held majorly in virtual mode and only few instances on personal mode. Students were asked to find their host farmers and select crops following all the criteria of selection and informed to visit Farmer fields as and when required only. After completion of the programme, VIVA VOCE and submission of records were done at attached HRS level.

PRA activities done by the students during their RHWEP

Raitu Sadassu and exhibition organised by the students during their RHWEP

Activities in host farmers’ fields by the students during their RHWEP

In plant training/Industrial attachment of the students during their RHWEP