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Department of Spices, Medicinal, Plantation & Aromatic Crops

spmaspmaDepartment of Spices, Medicinal, Plantation & Aromatic Crops

The department of spices, condiments, plantation, Medicinal and Aromatic crops (SPMA) was established in SKCHS in 2016.In this department there are three main courses which are SPMA-2.4.1 (Spices and Condiments ) SPMA -2.4.2( Plantation crops) and SPMA-2.4.3 (Medicinal and aromatic crops). For these course purpose there are different specimens and display boards available in horticultural laboratory. Under SPMA department the field visits near by farms we5re frequently conducted. In our SKCHS field we are maintaining crop cafeteria of spices, plantation crops, medicinal and aromatic crops. Regarding SPMA department, students can learn spices, plantation, medicinal and aromatic crops cultivation aspects and they can implement the knowledge at ground level. They can establish their own startups like own processing industries (essential oils and value added products etc), own farms and can create employment also.