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Department of Fruit and Vegetable Science

PomologyPomologyDepartment of Fruit and Vegetable Science

The department of fruits and vegetables was functioning since 2016 as one of the major department in horticulture in SKCHS Anantapur .the main aim of department is to impart basic knowledge to students regarding various aspects of fruits and vegetables the tie mode of propagation ,cultivation practices special horticultural practices ,sustainable horticulture ,nutritional value of fruits and vegetables and how it is contributing to Indian GDP and what is the scope of horticulture in next future as agriculture is the backbone of our nation.The department offers FRSC 1.1.1Fundamentals of horticulture, FRSC - 1.1.2 -tropical and subtropical fruits, FRSC -1.1.3 - plant propagation and nursery managemnt, FRSC - 2.1.1 - temperate fruit crops, FRSC - 3.1.1 - dry land Horticulture - principles and practices, FRSC - 3.1.2 -Orchard and estate management, VGSC - Tropical and subtropical vegetables, VGSC - temperate vegetables, potato and tuber crops, VGSC - 3.2.1 -precision farming and protected cultivation courses for Bsc (Hons )horticulture viz..VGSC

As per guidelines of YSRHU . This department has 1 lab including both fruits and vegetables specimens.equipments.protected cultivation banners ,further this laboratory is sufficiently equipped with different instruments for carrying practical experiments of UG programs. Even not only lab there will be experiments in fields too . This department giving more emphasis to improve technicians practical skill to students by allowing them to practical observation and by doing because we believe in seeing is believing and learning by doing