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Department of Floriculture & Landscape Architecture

FloricultureFloricultureDepartment of Floriculture & Landscape Architecture

Floriculture and landscape architecture has in recent times emerged in the form of lucrative flora industry an economical viable option in horti-business. Floriculture industry is growing at a very fast pace globally with flower consumption increasing at the rate of 20% per annum. The department of floriculture and landscape architecture was functioning since 2016 as one of the major department among various horticulture departments in Sri krishnadevaraya of Horticultural Sciences, Anantapur the main objective of the department is to impart basic knowledge and skills to the student on various aspects of identification of different flowers, ornamental crops and making landscape garden designs. This department offering 3 courses for B.Sc. (Hons.) horticulture viz., FCLS 1.1.3., (Principles of landscape architecture), FCLS 2.3.1, (Commercial floriculture) & FCLS 2.3.2 (Ornamental horticulture) FCLS 3.3.1 (Elements of computer aided garden designing) as per guidelines of Dr.Y.S.R. Horticultural University, Andhra Pradesh. This department is maintaining laboratory and field . Laboratory is sufficiently equipped with different instrument for carrying practical experiment of under graduate programmer . In field we are maintaining botanical garden and floriculture block with various colorful ornamental plants. This course dealt especially for under graduate students for understanding the importance and scope of floriculture, production technology of commercial flower crops, basic garden designs, ornamental plants etc. besides, importance of growing media, fertigation techniques as well as post harvest management including making dry flower crafts. In addition the department also aims to update information to the students regarding recent released varieties, research activities and significant accomplishment in floriculture and landscape architecture.