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Department of Plant physiology,Biochemistry & Microbiology

biochemistryDepartment of Plant physiology,Biochemistry & Microbiology

The Department of Biochemistry at Sri Krishnadevaraya College of Horticultural Sciences, Anantapur was established in the year 2016. The department has well equipped laboratory to perform various analysis of biomolecules in different biological samples. Biochemistry is a central basic discipline to all the branches of Biology or Life Sciences. It deals with the chemical nature, functions, structures, energetics and pathways of simple to complex biological molecules to understand various aspects of cellular and molecular functions in the plant development, growth and diseases with applications in Horticulture, Agriculture and Biotechnology. Students are offered advanced level theory and practicals in modern areas of Biochemistry with utmost emphasis on hands-on-training. Students are made familiar with the principles and procedures needed for working at the post graduation studies and further research in the specialized institutes.

Knowledge of plant metabolic processes is essential to have a clear insight about the science involved in agriculture. Realizing this need a separate department of plant physiology was carved out from botany. Department teaches about the plant metabolic processes, effect of environmental factors on plant growth development and low environmental pollution affect the crop health. Totally the department deals with internal process of plant.

The Department of Microbiology,Physiology and Biochemistry was functioning since 2016 as the one of the minor departments in Sri Krishnadevaraya College of Horticultural Sciences, Anantapuramu. The main objective of the department is to impart basic knowledge to the students on various aspects of microorganisms and their application in horticultural crops at various levels from seeds to storage to improve the quality and quantity of the economically useful parts. The department is offering courses i.e. PPMB- 1.10.1(Introductory Crop Physiology), PPMB-1.10.2 (Introductory Microbiology), PPMB- 1.10.3 (Elementary Plant Biochemistry), PPMB-1.10.4 (Growth and Development of Horticultural crops).