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Department of Agronomy and Soil Science

agronomyagronomyDepartment of Agronomy

Department of Agronomy is one of the major disciplines and functioning since 2016 in Sri Krishnadeveraya College of Horticultural Sciences, Anathapuramu. The main mission and objectives of this department is to plan, undertake, promote and coordinate education, research and its application in agronomy and to develop appropriate crop production technologies for enhancing the production and productivity. The department is offering the following courses for B.Sc (Hons) Horti. 1. ASSC-2.9.1- Weed Management in Horticultural Crops, 2. ASSC-2.9.2 - Water Management in Horticultural Crops,3. ASSC-3.9.2 - Introduction to Major Field Crops, 4. ASSC-3.9.3 - Agro-meteorology and Climate Change, 5. ASSC-3.9.4 - Introductory Agro Forestry. The lab is sufficiently equipped for carrying out practical experiments.

agronomyagronomyDepartment of Soil Science

The Department of Soil Science is established in Sri Krishnadeveraya College of Horticultural Sciences, Anathapuramu in 2016 to undertake research and teaching programmes. The department is offering three courses for B.Sc (Hons) Horti. namely., ASSC-1.9.1- Fundamentals of Soil Science, ASSC-1.9.2 - Soil Fertility, Soil Chemistry and Soil Taxonomy, ASSC-2.9.3 - Manures, fertilizers and nutrient management. The laboratory is fully equipped with different equipments for carrying out practicals and experiments. The Mandate of this department is to enhance and sustain the productivity of Soil and maintain the soil health in an ecologically sound and environmental friendly.